Esengül at Outreach Event for Women in science in Turkey

Esengül Ciftci (a doctoral student in our research group) was invited as a speaker to the conference „Contemporary Girls of Modern Turkey in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic“ organized by the Association for the Support of Contemporary Living (ÇYDD) in Istanbul. During the event, she shared her journey as a female researcher, shedding light on the challenges women face in their educational paths, societal pressures, and gender inequalities. As a woman working in the field of science, Ciftci delivered a message on October 11, „International Day of the Girl Child,“ with the aim of inspiring young girls to build a bright future and pursue their dreams. The event had an important purpose in helping women discover their full potential and emphasizing the importance of following their dreams. Esengül is a strong motivation for us to continue making science more accessible and we are proud of her engagement!