Open Position – PhD student

The Research Group of Dr Simon Krause at the Nanochemistry Department of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart announces an opening:
A PhD student with the research topic “Synthesis and characterisation of cooperative-mechanized framework materials”
The research addresses fundamental questions in the field of dynamic nanomaterials: What would a molecular clockwork look like? How can we establish nanoscopic dynamics in solids and coordinate them in space and time? Can we incorporate dynamic features known from biology in artificial solids? These topics will be addressed by making use of a wide range of synthetic and experimental methods at the intersection of chemistry, materials science, physics and engineering. Our goal is to incorporate a variety of different molecular machines in the backbone of nanoporous framework materials such as metal-organic frameworks and covalent-organic frameworks. We will stimulate machine operation by light irradiation and investigate the resulting nanoscopic dynamics on a spatiotemporal level using a variety of different solid-state in situ methods. Finally, we will study the physical properties of such dynamic solids with respect to host-guest interactions.

Find the detialed job offer HERE.

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