Science – it’s like magic, but real!

Curiosity, Interdisciplinarity, Diversity, Inclusion, and a lot of Fun – these are the core vaues of our research group works by day by day.

Curiosity: Research is like going back to childhood and exploring teh world all over. We don’t want to take anything for granted and always question established science with respect to our ongoing projects. An open minded approach is as critical to us as the inner drive to find out and understand.

Interdisciplinarity: We are adressing questions across classical disciplines. Although strongly rooted in chemical sciencens we are also taking inspiration and approaches from other disciplines. We strongly believe that future innovative research will be found at the intersection of various areas of reserach.

Diversity: Using different approaches from different points of views is a core value oof our group. But we also aim for diversity with respect to our groupmembers. Learning from each other and getting to know different cultures, systems, languages and traditions is what makes research in our lab a great place to grow and succeed in live and science.

Inclusion: Rather than exploring exclusive areas of reserach we aim to find solutions, mechanism and concepts with general aplicability. In that regard we are aiming to combine various approaches rather than looking for exclusivity of a certain topic or finding. Our group welcomes any member thatidentifies with these values regardless of background, nationality or gender.

Sustainability: Our group actively aims to make our research as sustainable as possible while also reducing our environmental footprint. This involves saving power and resources but also inteligent digitalization of our data and travelling by public transportation and avoiding flights.

Open Science: We want the whole world to profit from our fundamental science. We report and store our data in electronic lab notebooks and aloow easy access to newcoming reserachers. We also aim to publish all data related to our studies (negative and positive results) so other groups can learn and follow up from oth our success and failures.

Fun: We enjoy what we do in and outside the lab. Growing as individuals and as a group we try to push our research towards innovative ideas and new discoveries. We love crazy ideas and accept failiure as a critical component to research – as long as you are having funwith it!

To quote one of our idols:

„If you believe in yourself, with a tiny pinch of magic all your dreams can come true!“

Spongebob Squarepants

We try to be active in different platforms. Here you can watch Simon explain aspects of molecular machines in a Podcast: